Varsity Football · Watch Round 1 of the Playoffs LIVE!

Whether going to the game or staying in we have you COVERED! Remember all ticket sales are now online and will not be available at the gates.

If you would like to go to the game and watch in person head over to our box office HERE

If you are ready to purchase your Pay Per View to watch online or even on your big screen at home, click Buy Now at the bottom of this page to buy your pass!  A few tips to make sure you have a successful experience:

  • Buy your PPV EARLY! (We accept online check or Credit card!) But if you wait until time of the game,.. well it all gets a little hairy.  It will be hard for us to get you the info you need!
  • Make sure you enter a good, accessible email address during check out! (I PROMISE we wont spam you!)
  • Add to your contacts over email.  This helps to be sure your viewing information is not sent to spam!
  • If you have any issues, email us there to get you worked out.


Every penny you pay to watch the Pay Per View event goes toward supporting the players you love! …and we thank you