Football Booster Club | The TIU Club

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Only TIU Members will be able to:

  • Buy Season Passes
  • Buy Parking Passes
  • Reserve Red Seats

But will also gain other perks! Read on…

What is the TIU?

Call it the booster club if you want but TIU Stands for Turn It Up!  Thats just what they aim to do!  Members are dedicated to making the most of every opportunity afforded our Patriots!  Whether its getting in the game early for cheering and excitement, or helping a player reach his potential by going to an approved training camp, the TIU is INSTRUMENTAL in the success of our Patriots!

On National Signing Day our Patriots signed a combined total of over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in Scholarships! You can read more about that HERE

Next year we aim higher!  With a higher level of community support we know this doesn’t compare to what is possible! For that we invite YOU!  By becoming a TIU Member you not only have exclusive access to purchase Reserved Seating, a Parking Pass, and/or a Season Pass,.. but you are becoming part of the larger picture.  You are becoming part of the community that will stand together the raise these young men to new heights.

  • The TIU provides PreGame meals for all Players each week (THATS EXPENSIVE!) in addition to Faith Assembly Church
  • The TIU supports the players during summer training and camps providing transportation, hydration, and nutritional needs
  • The TIU coordinates parents and player communications and COMMUNITY through Facebook groups and coordinated email efforts
  • The TIU helps to fund and facilitate player training opportunities
  • The TIU Helps to meet the VAST equipment needs which allow the players to make strength and conditioning gains

In addition, your TIU Officers have been working behind the scenes in the past year to make the upcoming year better and more successful! You can expect a streamlined process for pass purchases AND DELIVERY ahead of time!  Each Member will also receive a high quality laminated Roster Card to enjoy through out the upcoming season! By pre-purchasing your membership now we are able to get everything ready for you before the season begins! This is a WINNING situation for everyone!  Be sure to enter a valid email address upon purchase so we can contact you about upcoming TIU Opportunities!

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